Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August 2012
While on vacation last week, I received a call from the office of Army Athletics.  Lacrosse Magazine runs a story called 'off the field' and they want to feature an Army player.  Garrett Thul was the selection Army Athletics made.  I had the opportunity to photograph him in action a few months ago at Michie Stadium against Navy.  Great player and a really nice guy.  I wish him nothing but the best as he prepares to graduate in the spring and begins his Army career.
This shoot was a tight one, the barracks are not that large and there are 3 cadets to a room.  I brought a lot of equipment and I am glad I did, becaused I used a bunch of it on this job.
2-Dynalite packs, one had a 24 x 24 softbox (camera left) and a shoot through umbrella (behind the bunks) aimed at the ceiling, the other had an umbrella high up, bouncing off the cieling just camera left.  I had one Canon 580EXII high camera right using the bounce card (1/2 power) and a second low camera right with a 1/4" grid spot aimed at the jerseys.
I shot this with a 14mm f.2.8, 125ISO at 1/125th of a second at f/14.  I triggered the lights with pocket wizards.  Not bad for shooting in a confined space, reminds me of shooting on the Aircraft Carrier.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Update

Well August is here and where did the summer go?  Been busy the last few months shooting for Newsday.  Newsday for most folks who have heard of it in the NYC area is a newspaper in Long Island.  Newsday began to spread their news media outlet to their cable territory.  Newsday.com and News 12 are now providing media content to Westchester & Rockland Counties as well as the Hudson Valley.  Here are some of the stories I've worked on.  More to come.  Thanks.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

There's nothing like Lacrosse.  It is a great game, the fastest game on foot some might say.  I started playing it when I was 12 and didn't stop until I was in my late 20's.

The paper asked me to cover the Army/Navy game a couple of weeks ago and I said, YES with out even thinking twice!  This was the 91 contest between the two academies.  Conditions were great, the sun was out, it was warn with a slight breeze.  The action was great.  Good players make for great images.

Since I am a former Navy Photographer, I hate to say it but, this game went to Army 9 - 6.
The press box was locked, so I had to upload and edit the images from the first half on the sideline.  After the game ended, I said good bye to a couple photographer friends and headed to my car to finish editing.  It was early enough so I could go home and transmit images from there.

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